We want to send a “Thank You” to the Person or Person’s responsible for leaving a donation at our display this past week. We will find the perfect cause to donate your gift to. Because of this and the ongoing support of our display, we are thinking about taking Donations for a specific cause at our 2010 Christmas Display. Details to Come.

On Thursday Night (Dec. 24th) a huge Rain & Wind storm came through Middle Tennessee. We were out of town with our Family and as a result of the storm, 80% of the display was disabled. So a BIG “Thank You” goes out to the Irwin Family who took time out of their Christmas Day to come and make repairs on the display, while we were out of town. Without their help, the display would not have run Christmas Night.

And Finally, Thank You to everyone out there that passed around the “Take One” Flyers they picked up at our display this year. We could really see a difference in the traffic. And a “Thank You” goes out to our HOA and our Neighbors of October Woods for allowing us to put out a giant “Lights” Sign at the beginning of the subdivision.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

FYI…Dec. 31st is the LAST Night the Display will be running.