Gill’s Bright Lights went live Wednesday, November 30 at around 7:00PM. It was our first time to have people over and have our own Christmas Vacation Lighting Ceremony! We had the Fortner family of 5 and my Aunt and Uncle who came all the way from Knoxville to see us go live. We all stood outside in a line with cameras pointing on the children and all of us looking at the lights. It was one of the longest minutes ever! It is actually hard to do a drum roll for a whole minute!

The lights came on just as they were suppose too! We stood out there for about 40 minutes in the cold watching magical Christmas Lights dance to 8 minutes to music. We then walked around the house and looked at the Christmas Tree Lot and Elf Village. We took pictures in front of the hand painted Santa!


We want to Thank The Fortner’s and the Bailey’s for making our first Lighting Ceremony special.