Working Hard

Installed More 6ft and 4ft Artifical Trees. Installed Mini Trees Installed More Wooden Cutouts and Coroplast Cutouts.

Installed artifical Trees

Installed garland lights on railing Began installing lights on windows Put up 2 small wreaths and one large wreath Installed artifical trees for Light – O- Rama Hung cords in grarage for LOR 

Roof Line

Installed Roof Line Lights – Colored LED C9s Hung “Toy Shop” Sign Installed LOR System Began Installing 4ft Artifical Trees for LOR 

Mega Tree Finished

Finished Installing Mega Tree (LOR Tested) Finished coroplast “Toy Shop” Sign. Finished other coroplast projects. 

Pole for Mega Tree

Finished small coroplast trees Installed shelf for inside gragage for Laptop and FM Transmitter Trimmed bushes Installed pole for Mega Tree and got the stablized it