2011 was a huge year for Gill’s Bright Lights! Many people have asked several questions and I hope to answer them:

1. How much is our electric bill?

The electric bill is not as bad as you think. Since we use a computer program called Light-O-Rama our display uses about 40% less energy than a static display. This year we also incorporated half LED lights. We have been decorating for 7 years and for the last 3 years our electric bill keeps going down not up. We received our bill this month the other day and it only cost $79 more than our regular bill to run our Christmas lights this year.

2. Did you win and were you on the news?

We have competed in the Nashville Davidson County Holiday Lights Competition for 5 years. This year we were the GRAND CHAMPION’s of the competition! Yes we were on the news several times. We were on Channel 2 and News Channel 5.

3. How will you top this year’s decorations?

We can not compete next year in the compititon. We thought we would take a break but that will never happen! Our Second Harvest Campaign was too good to not do it next year. We are already planing for next year.

4. How much food/money did you raise for Second Harvest?

Gill’s Bright Lights and community raised

$1865 in cash = 7,460 meals

Total Meals for Second Harvest

 5. How are your videos doing on YouTube and social media?

Our Angry Birds video reached 35,500 views in 3 weeks! California had the most views to look at it and Tennessee was number 7. Our Facebook page started last year with 14 friends/likes/fans. This year we ended with 98 likes!