This weekend was crazy! Thank you to everybody who came by this weekend to check out the lights! Friday Channel 2 News came out and we were on the 10:00 News on Friday night! Friday Night was also the judging for the Nashville Davidson County Christmas Light Competition! Talk about being nervous! Sunday night Channel 5 News came out and filmed us for the a feature on Friday 6:00 News!

This weekend we raised $125 for Second Harvest! We collected more cans also! We had so many generous people stop by this weekend. We also have to give a shout out to the limo companies.

We added a locked money box to the food donation box for cash donations. It will be emptied every night.

Check out Channel 5 News at 6 every night this week to see the 5 Regional Winners! I have more pictures and I will post next.

And we want to give a special big THANK YOU to the neighbors of Pinwheel Drive. They have been fabulous!