Wow a lot has happened this week in the land of Gill’s Bright Lights!

This week was the Nashville Davidson County Christmas Light Competition Judging week. Monday night we learned that we had won our District. Wednesday we learned that we won our Region for the first time. Tonight (Friday) we finally made it to Countywide Judging. Winners will be announced next week. Thank you to the judges for their donation of canned food for Second Harvest!

Regional - You have been Judged County Wide You have been Judged

Over the week we have collected $26 and 111 items for Second Harvest and tonight we collected 10 more items and $48 for a grand total of $74. This means Gill’s  Bright Lights and our giving fans have donated 404 meals for Middle Tennessee in only 9 days!

Another surprise was that Channel 2 News showed up out of the blue and we might be on the 10:00 news tonight!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by tonight and donated! Let’s feed Middle Tennessee!