Nashville had 40 mph winds and the house lights didn’t make it! We had to change some plans with this unpleasant misfortune of Nashville WIND. Why does this always happen around Christmas Light time?


Plan 2 – looks like we are having a SNOWMAN Family. It turns out we are going to have a family of 5 snowmen. One Daddy and Mom with two younger kids and a toddler snowmen. We are still talking about what to do with the other channels of the lights since the house will not be painted in lights. We have talked about a snowflake wall and or painting the roof with lights. Our roof is not a very good house to do a piano on the roof like we could do on the house itself. It would be very choppy.

    This weekend we did accomplish some other things.

  • 3 Twig trees installed
  • 2 Swag trees installed
  • 2 Swag trees installed
  • 2 kid snowmen installed
  • 2 Arches installed
  • Had to take down lights that took two weekends to install!
  • Painted the box for the candles
  • Totally reworked the original layout